every time someone tries to wedge some cis/str8s into the lgbtq “community,” they always make it so painfully obvious that the only thing that comes to mind when they think of us is sex. “it should include anyone who doesn’t have sex in the missionary position with the lights off in a house with a white picket fence blah blah blah!”

no, because who we are is not defined by the kind of sex we have (or don’t have!). our experiences are not defined by our sex, which is as varied as str8 sex. our difference, what sets us apart and what str8s revile so much, is so much more than how we fuck. it’s not how or where or how many or when - it’s who, and it’s not just sex. it’s who we love, who we prioritize, who we build lives and families with, and YES who we have sex with. but we are not just sex. and we are not hated and murdered and rejected and assaulted and oppressed just because of the way we have sex.

and how dare you people continue to reduce us to the sex you think we’re having?

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